ACL Barcelona

Location: Air Cargo Centre
Cargoparc parcela III, 5º A
Santboi de Llobregat
08830 Barcelona
Telephone: (+34) 93 511 70 55


ACL Madrid. Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport

In Madrid we Have 1500 m2 plot, in which 250m2 are built offices,750m2 warehouse with direct access to airport access and additional 750m2 destined to working area, parking and storage facilities.

We have an additional space of 1.200m2 in external warehouses and spaces in airport platforms to peak production As well as Load, unload and storage methods for goods of all nature ( standard docks, rollers, trenches, calibrated scales, cooling and freezing chambers, specific areas for valuable, vulnerable cargo and dangerous goods, etc)


ACL Zaragoza, Zaragoza Airport

In Zaragoza we develop our activity in a 1600m2 surface central warehouse with direct access to the airport platform, with an additional surface of 300m2, and a second warehouse in the first line with 600m2 as well as two carps located in the platform with a storage capacity of an entire flight.

As the Cargo activity in Zaragoza is mainly focused on loading operations, our facilities are well prepared for its assistance( calibrated scales, including equipment for 20 feet, roller docks with higher power, trenches adapted to these operations, load and unload equipment for large tonnages etc)

We also operate in a 750m2 warehouse located within 500 meters from the OFFLINE operations Cargo centre .

Both facilities, being on the front line of the Airport have physical barriers and enough resources that separates efficiency the public and restricted zone assuring the security status of all goods managed by us, We also have a (24/7) TV security system with cameras around which are all controlled and managed from a Security Operative Centre according to current law.